13 months, 13 constellations, Rebalancing Libra & the elements.

13 months – 13 celestial signs

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in which we look at the symbolism and numerology of the astrological signs and planets, and their potential use with theAbysmal Calendar.

If we could see the stars in the background of the Sun over the course of the year, that would give us the twelve constellations used for the zodiac, at least in the Western tradition. The Sun itself passes through the boundaries of 13 Constellations along the ecliptic.

13 Constellations
(Ophiuchus (the Eagle))

Mapped onto theAbysmal Calendar‘s 13 months (for the Northern Hemisphere) arranged in a vertical arch, with the Southern Solstice at the bottom, the Northern Solstice at the top, the Equinoxes to the left and right respectively.

Here are the Constellations of the Ecliptic (since revised):

Constellation Symbol Begins Duration
Aries aries Apr 18 25 days
Taurus taurus May 14 37 days
Gemini gemini Jun 20 31 days
Cancer cancer Jul 21 20 days
Leo leo Aug 10 37 days
Virgo virgo Sep 16 45 days
Libra libra Oct 31 23 days
Scorpio scorpio Nov 23 7 days
Ophiuchus (Eagle) ophiuchus Nov 30 18 days
Sagittarius sagittarius Dec 18 32 days
Capricorn capricorn Jan 20 28 days
Aquarius aquarius Feb 16 24 days
Pisces pisces Mar 12 38 days

Major Changes:

Libra’s rebalancing act

Libra lines up with Month 6, the midpoint of the 13 months, which stands at the apex of the arch. Libra, the symbol, is a balance, which makes it unique in terms of the Zodiac, which refers to a circle of animals. The balance is inanimate. With half a dozen creatures before it, and six following, it stands at the point of balance. The rest line up as per the illustration below.
Scorpio & Ophiuchus

The astrological or symbolic association of elements with the 12 signs of the zodiac began with Aries and fire, and continued along with earth, air, water. There is a fifth element in some traditions, aether/void, which here is assigned to Libra, as they are both exceptional elements. The other twelve months follow the order of the four elements as was the case.

One big change, Scorpio changes from Water to Air, as Ophiuchus takes the element of Water.



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