Pluto and Roman Calendrics

ancient tales retold by Ovid of old 

Metamorphoses by Ovid

So the Story goes:

Porsepine (Persephone) of fertility, is kidnapped by Pluto (Hades) and taken to the Underworld, where she eats 3 seeds of a pomegranate. Pluto endeavours to keep her there indefinitely, however, her mother Ceres (Demeter) negotiates for her conditional release.

For the 3 pomegranate seeds, Porsepine was to spend 3 months in the underworld, to the return to the Earth for the remaining part of the year.

Februus -> Februalia -> February
embodiment of Dis, underworld figure – capital city of Hell

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21 is ruled by Pluto and Mars.

Pluto rules over everything in the earth, including grain, gold, money, oil and naturally, plutonium.

Pluto rules the Winter Months, when Porsepine joins him under the Earth for December 21 – March 20. January and February were not acknowledged, and the days corresponding to those months weren’t counted.

Pluto, the planet, was discovered on February 19 1930.
name “Pluto” announced on May 1 1930, May Day, day for workers.

Pluto, the god of money & grain. Just prior to this discovery:
the stock market crash started on October 24 with Black Tuesday October 29 signaling the crash.

afterwards, unemployment rose as the Dust Bowl turned topsoil to dust, winds sending it adrift, forcing Roosevelt to declare his New Deal in 1932.

the economy took an upturn when the US entered WW II

September 11 1941 – the Pentagon is dedicated.

Aug 6 & Aug 9 1945 – Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombed with Plutonium.

1973 – World Trade Centre is dedicated

February 1979 to February 1999 Pluto crosses Neptune’s orbit.

1999 signified the end of the longest uninterrupted period of economic growth in history.

September 11 2001 – World Trade Centre destroyed

Pluto discovered 1930
Pluto crosses Neptune’s orbit 1979
Pluto recrosses Neptune’s orbit 1999
Plutonium was first produced on February 23, 1941

Stock market crash of 1929

also note the 28 year cycles of the Gregorian Calendar during the 20th Century:

1917 – US enters WW I
1945 – US ends WW II – 2 pillars of fire in the sky
1973 – US dedicates World Trade Centre – 2 pillars of glass & steel
2001 – US WTC Destroyed – 2 pillars of smoke and mirrors.

What’s the relationship between:
economics & nuclear technology & the calendar & plutocracy?


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