360 divided by…

30 June 2006

The Mayan Haab calendar: 360 days plus 5 and a bit, the days of chaos that are not acknowledged.

So, if there are 5 intercalary days instead of 1 (and the bits), what then?

2 x 180
3 x 120
4 x 90
5 x 72
6 x 60
8 x 45
9 x 40
10 x 36
12 x 30 – the closest to the Gregorian Calendar
15 x 24
18 x 20 – the Haab divides the year into 18 months of 20 days each

is this, then, prefereable to 364?

364 divided by….

28 June 2006

how to carve up 364 days:

4 x 91-day season

52 x 7-day weeks

13 x 28-day months = 13 x (4 x 7-day weeks)

28 x 13-day fortnights

7 x 52-day decks = 7 x (4 x 13-day fortnights)

a fortnight runs 13 days, one day for each card in a standard playing deck.

a “deck” runs 4 fortnights, or 52 days, equivalent to the number of cards in a standard playing deck.

7 “decks” makes a 384-day year.

5 “decks” or 20 x fortnight or 260 days also happens to coincide with the gestation period of a human being (from fertilisation to birth).

Scientific Synapse

28 June 2006

Helions of Helios or Souls of Sol.

A scientific view of the year may observe the Perihelion and Aphelion as the points of reference for determination of the calendar.

January 4(ish) = Perihelion = Earth at her closest point to the Sun
July 3(ish) = Aphelion = Earth at her furthest point from the Sun


The intercalary day would fall on July 3, or the Aphelion, in order to maintain the Abysmal symbolism – the point furthest from the Sun represents the Abyss for the Earth in her orbit.

An interesting metaphor describes planetary motion as falling. The planets fall towards the Sun, ever falling towards it, then past, then towards it again.

The lapse permeates our year, as we fall up and down.

Pluto’s Moons

24 June 2006

Planetary Mythology

 Pluto, reborn in February 1930, the Lord of Hades, the Underworld, Hell. Most notably, he rules over the harvest, money, and all that is under the ground.

Mercury, as Psychopomp, escorts the spirits of he dead to the Underworld.

Charon, the boatman, escorts the dead across the river Styx, bringing them to Hades proper. He must be paid a coin.

Neptune changed places with Pluto between February 1979 and February 1999, as Pluto came to take a closer look at Earth.

Nyx, Goddess of night, was discovered in Pluto's realm in 2005, as with the Hydra, the nine-headed monster, in the Nine Hells or pursuing the Ninth Planet.

What does all this mean, when we consider that the New Horizons probe, launched in January 2006, travels to Pluto with, among other things, the Plutonium it uses as fuel?

A Creation Myth

24 June 2006

harmony of the Eight of Light above, and the Eight of Darkness below.
Between, in the balance, hung Earth amongst the shadows.

the Creator's attention fell from blissful contentment, drawn away by a welling sensation. The Creator attended to the sensation, and in a throbbing surge, it burned hot from within.

The Creator had no name for this sensation, and sought to contemplate upon it. And so did, for countless aeons. give or take. The Creator, having travelled the lengths and the depths of this sensation, still could not find its name, and the burn had grown in magnitude.

The Creator descended into the source of the sensation, through an infernal storm raining churning chaos in turbulence, yet the Creator persisted with great resolve, to its very tumultuous Centre. There the Creator sought in all its vacuous density, yet could not find its name.

The Creator felt, for but an infinitesimal moment, in defeat, before swiftly recovering.

infinitesimal, yet it made all the difference.

the Centre of burning chaos, exploded, bursting outward in a surge of energy, throwing the Eight above and Eight below out of harmony. The Eight above fell one level, its lowest 1 collapsing upon the place of the Earth.The Earth, in turn, collapsed, fully landing on the top tier of the Dark Eight.
And out of balance, Seven Heavens, Nine Hells.

Eden fallen to Earth, the lowest ranks of angels made mortal, susceptible to the frailties of the flesh.

The creatures of the Earth, fallen under the influence of the demonic and daemonic, suffer with the stygian quagmire in which they find themselves.

The lowest level of hell has fallen into the unknown Abyss.

"Desire," spoke the Creator, and so named the annihilating flame condensing within.

re-lapse re-visited

22 June 2006

the lapselanders have landed

The lapse or fall (see here), comprises the fall out of the womb as represented by notions of Heaven (the fall of the Rebel Angels), and Eden (the garden of eden equates the womb).

So, as we fall out of the timeless amniosis of the womb, we fall into our body, fully with the cut umbilicus, and we fall into time. 

Summer Solstice

21 June 2006

Have a nice, long day.