Year 2 House 4

18 July 2015


Year 2 Lunation 7

16 July 2015


Earth’s Orbit and Time

9 July 2015

There are changes and then there are changes.

by the way, the only fact I would consider incorrect  is that the day and night are equal at the equinox. This date varies depending on the line of latitude at which you live. True story.

Year 2 Month 7

6 July 2015


Year 2 Northern Solstice

21 June 2015



Here the sun is at its most northerly point. If one were to stand on the Northern Tropic, the sun would appear directly overhead at noon(ish). You would have no shadow. It would also rip across the sky. If you were above the Arctic circle, the sun wouldn’t set for a good chunk of time (depending on how far north one is). Higher than the Antarctic circle, and darkness rules the land, the penguins, and documentary filmmakers. The auroras are quite spectacular.

Year 2 Lunation 6

16 June 2015

Y2-L6Here we have the lunar month Ramadan, when devout muslims who are able fast during daylight hours. Nothing passes their lips including water. What is unfortunate for those who are practicing in higher latitudes, is that this is the period of time when the day lasts about 16 hours (I’m not sure how they would have to adjust to living in the high arctic during 24 hours of sunlight – I suspect one would have to default to Mecca time at that point).

For those fasting, praying for peace, and gathering with family, I wish you all tranquil solace.

Year 2 Mars 2

14 June 2015


Mars has the longest synodic period, or planetary cycle in theAbysmal case, of all the planets. Cycle 2 will take Mars 744 days.


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